RUMBA's Iowa Crows

My membership in the Rebel Upstart Managers Association (RUMBA) dates back at least fifteen years, back to when my old friends Chad O’Kelly and Mike Donnelly asked me to join.  Neither is still in the league, and my own participation had a gap of a few years, but my return for the 2018 season has been a source of pleasure mixed with frustration.  My current iteration of the Iowa (nee Onamata) Crows has been as hapless as my first, but hope remains to one day triumphantly hoist a World Series flag.  We are still a long way off, but fortunately the journey is more important than the destination.

This is a keeper league, and every winter there is a draft of players not currently on a 45-man roster.  To be drafted, a player must have played in the majors during the previous season, which means choices run the gammut from players given a quick cup of coffee to vets coming back from injuries.  The draft is always a bit humbling, as I am ever in awe of my baseball-savvy peers.  Since my return to RUMBA in 2018, I have been writing a summary of how I think it went each year…

2018 Draft Summary
2019 Draft Summary
2020 Draft Summary
2021 Draft Summary

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