CBA’s Iowa Owls

My membership in the Continental Baseball Association (CBA) dates back at least twenty years, back to when my good friend Larry Barrett asked me to join.  Larry is no longer running the league, and my own participation had a gap of a few years, but my return for the 2017 season has been a source of great pleasure.  My current iteration of the Iowa Owls has yet to reach the playoffs, but the franchise does fly a World Series flag dating back to the hey-day of stars like Miguel Tejada and Paul Konerko.  We’ll get there again.

This is a keeper league, and every winter there is a draft of players not currently on a 40-man roster.  A quirk of the CBA structure is that teams are able to roster up to five players who do not have a Strat-O-Matic card, which means that college players and minor leaguers are fair game.  Given the abundance of Top 100 Prospect lists available, as a result of this structure it is somewhat unusual for the best rookies to actually be in our draft pool — they are already on a team.  The draft is a hoot, and since returning to the CBA I have been writing a summary of how I think it went each year…

2017 Draft Summary
2018 Draft Summary
2019 Draft Summary
2020 Draft Summary
 2021 Draft Summary

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